Acrylic paintings for sale

Acrylic paintings for sale direct from the artist.

You can choose from small acrylic paintings that are painted on board and framed and larger paintings on deep edged canvas which are often presented unframed for a contemporary gallery look.

The beauty of acrylic is that it is very tough, and does not yellow like traditional oil paint so you can be assured of your investment looking good for years to come whether it is framed or not.

Crowds or splendid isolation?

Neil McBride started out as an avid painter of the brooding landscapes of the isolated North York Moors and the gentler areas of the lowland dales. This fascination eventually gave way to his current obsession with crowds of people in many and varied situations.

This means that there is artwork to suit all tastes in this action packed colourful collection!

All of the paintings on this web site are © Neil McBride 2020

Dog Training Bits art from the Crowds Collection of Neil McBride Art

Dog Training Bits