Affordable original art worth collecting.

Affordable original art direct from the artist.

McBride's paintings are highly collectable and only available in a limited number of regional galleries in the UK so they are much more affordable to London prices.

Many art collectors sometimes enjoy the experience of buying original contemporary art directly from the painter because they are given an insight into the thought processes that lay behind each painting's production.

Smaller unframed paintings on board are generally more affordable and you then have the control over the design of framing profiles to suit your decor.

McBride paints mainly on deep edge canvases at the moment in various sizes up to 91cm square.

If you were to visit the studio you would find that much of the original art is in its raw state and has never been exhibited so you can experience your own Private View of the artwork on offer.

An added advantage for anyone in Yorkshire can enjoy personal delivery and picture hanging by the artist.

Of course you can still see Neil's paintings for sale at a small selection of commercial art galleries, especially around the Yorkshire region.

Please email Neil to arrange a studio visitOtherwise, simply sit back and start clicking to find your favourite painting.

The affordable way to start your own original art collection.