Acrylic paintings for sale

Acrylic paintings in this collection are for sale direct from artist Neil McBride.

Acrylic paintings of dramatic landscapes and crowds of people in eventful situations are the most popular purchases from the McBride studio.

The crowd paintings are particularly interesting because they tend to trigger fond memories and happy emotions amongst collectors.

Event inspired paintings include Popfest, School's Out and Ice Walking and many, many more in the Crowds of People Collection.

Contact Neil to discuss your needs before you consider moving on. We may be able to work some magic without too much hassle.

McBride works mainly in 2 sizes of canvas 24 inch (61cms) and 36 inch (91cms) square. The square format is something that he settled on a while ago because it is a beautifully dynamic shape and offers a great deal of flexibility in production.

Can't afford it yet? Why not consider paying in instalments and take delivery of the artwork upon the final payment. Delivery is free.

The added advantage for anyone within 50 miles of York is that they can enjoy personal delivery and picture hanging by the artist.

Of course you can still see Neil's paintings for sale at a small selection of 'bricks and mortar' galleries around the Yorkshire region.

Please email Neil for details. Otherwise, simply sit back and start clicking to find your personal painting.

The perfect way to start your own art collection.

PS. The range of Open Edition Art Prints make the ideal entry point into the McBride collection..