Collection: Landscape paintings for sale UK

Landscape paintings of various styles and techniques to amuse, challenge and trigger your emotions.

Dramatic use of brush & palette knife work coupled with a whacky use of colour in some cases means you are sure to find some artistry to instantly grab your attention and transport you to the British countryside.

Landscape paintings like this one, titled Whinny Bank, are for sale direct from the studio of UK artist Neil McBride

Above: Whinny Bank, Coxwold, North Yorkshire.

Size is everything!

Some people buy small, framed study paintings for restrained and cozy homes but larger unframed box canvases up to 36 inches (91cms) square are preferred for instant impact in big rooms and barn conversion situations.

If you do love smaller paintings it is a good idea to group them together so they don't look lost on a big expanse of wall.

They are all here for you to buy direct from the studio of one UK artist, Neil McBride.

Welcome to my world of landscape art.