Collection: Expressive landscape paintings

This collection of expressive landscape paintings have particularly expressive brushwork.

The natural landscape usually contains elements of drama in the form of extreme weather and sublime terrain made up of mountains, chasms and desolation.

Artistic drama can be added with the inclusion of crowds of people witnessing natural events or acting out some kind of dramatic event themselves within the landscape.

"The distant inclusion of people in any unstable landscape is sure to add tension and drama because of their perceived vulnerability. 

The distant inclusion of people in a geologically stable landscape reinforces the sublime scale of the landscape.   

It is a win win scenario for an artist"
Neil McBride February 2023

We hope you enjoy looking at this limited collection here.

More paintings are available offline so please ask if you cannot see anything that fits your needs. There just may be the landscape painting for you in the studio.

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Expressive landscape paintings like this on are available from Neil McBride Art. © Neil McBride Art 2020
Above: Erosion by Neil McBride