Art lovers invite Yorkshire artist in their home.

Invitations to art collectors homes are always a treat.

Home visits are a great opportunity to see my paintings in the interiors they are destined for. Original paintings look great in the studio and they look even better when they help to transform your rooms.

Focal point.

I have seen it so often when a well placed painting simply transforms a room because of its sheer size and transformative colour palette.

It is easy to curate the ideal piece of art by asking you a few questions about your lifestyle and interior design ambitions. 

You are already emotionally attracted to my work, or we would not be having this conversation, so it simply remains to be seen how the paintings harmonise or contrast with your interiors.

There are no rules or magic formulas when choosing art. Your emotional attachment will make the choice for you.

Email me for your Private View (PV) now so you can experience the transformative effects of original art.

Neil McBride.

Lagoon artwork by Neil McBride displayed in a modern home office.

Two original McBride paintings in black tray frames to complement this monochrome interior

Neil McBride.

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