Square wall art

There is something for everyone in this collection of square shaped wall art.

Square wall art looks great over the fireplace in a light and modern room.
This square canvas wall art is titled Birging.
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You can choose from original paintings or prints on paper, canvas, metal and wood.

The original paintings are created in a small range of sizes up to 91 cm (3 ft) square. 

Our prints offer even more choice of sizes so make sure you use the drop down lists to select the best size to suit you.

Prints on paper are ideal for framing unless you want to use our American style watercolor paper which is a lovely heavy weight which you can hang as a poster without the need for a frame. 

Our Prints on canvas are the nearest substitute to original paintings because they are also produced on deep edged canvases.

The Prints on metal are great for bathrooms and kitchens because they are resistant to moisture.

All of this wall art is the work of Yorkshire based artist Neil McBride so if you have any questions just email Neil for a straight answer.