Collection: Monochrome artist

Monochrome paintings are rewarding in so many ways for artists and collectors.

The limited colour palette of monochrome art makes it the ideal choice for modern interiors. 

The trend for neutral grey colour schemes remains unabated due to improved architectural and lighting design. Interior spaces are now able to live and breath, free of too many dark corners and restricted wall space.

This is great news for art enthusiasts and collectors.

Less is more in mono art just as it is with minimalism.

The absence of a full colour palette means mono paintings rely on refined graphic design elements, texture and tonal values to gain interest with viewers. 

The consistent, neutral palette means that the introduction of paintings into an existing collection and interior is not going to cause problems with clashing colours, particularly with black and white schemes.

Monochrome is more than just black and white.

Primary red, yellow and green monochromes present their own challenges and excitement! We will maybe deal with monochrome schemes designed around other colours of the spectrum later. Please feel free to contact Neil McBride with your ideas and questions by text or email.

White walls are made for monochrome.

Monochrome paintings can be both dramatic and contemplative at the same time. Particularly, with landscape paintings, where a wide range of tonal values create a sense of calm in contrast to the drama of a sublime and expansive terrain.

For a dramatic statement-piece of art the use of gestural, expressionist brushstrokes of stark black on a big white canvas create an instant focal point in any room.

Neil has been experimenting with the juxtaposition of these abstract forms with his figurative crowd elements so the paintings can be appreciated as part of a coherent interior design scheme as well as a standalone art piece.

The good news is that you can buy from the curated collection of monochrome paintings below. 

Above: Kline Viewpoint, original monochrome painting.