Neil McBride - Biography and Artist Statement

British visual artist Neil McBride in his studio.

Neil McBride, British visual artist


Neil McBride was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire UK. He graduated from Doncaster College of Art with distinction in Applied Arts. McBride works solely in the medium of painting.

During his award winning career in advertising and graphic design McBride also picked up a Clio nomination for his work on the ‘People Campaign’ for The Halifax bank. This work served to later inform his latest body of contemporary artworks featuring crowds of people.

Since 2004 Neil has developed his art practice full time exhibiting in commercial galleries and select shows throughout Yorkshire.

He was the inaugural artist to show solo at the new Inspired By gallery in Danby, North Yorkshire and has enjoyed particular success in benefit shows in aid of numerous charities including:-

  • York Against Cancer at Castle Howard.
  • The Great North Art Show, Ripon Cathedral, annually. Neil was the best selling artist 2014. As a consequence he was asked to be one of the featured artists for 2015.
  • Art for Youth North, Biennial at Queen Mary’s school near Thirsk.
  • Heart Research UK - Anonymous heART Project  

McBride has also participated in other juried shows including several times with North Yorkshire Open Studios.

He lives in North Yorkshire, UK.


British artist McBride follows a long line of international graphic artists including Austrian Oskar Kokoschka, French George Braque & Marc Chagall and Spanish artist Picasso. 

A diverse range of influences include abstract expressionists like Franz Kline and Pollock. Figurative painters like Francis Bacon and Turner and colourists like Howard Hodgkin and Monet. The list of influences is endless.

McBride continues to develop his paintings featuring crowds of people in life affirming situations which allow him to continually cross over from figuration to semi abstraction; mono to colour; and back again without any loss of spontaneity and continuity. In fact, this body of figurative work started life as abstract paintings which is an unusual direction for an artist to take.

Many traditional painting techniques and methods are employed but the paintings often begin without any pre-conceived idea of an event or narrative, much like the way many writers allow a novel to evolve on the fly. This helps to maintain a level of intrigue and excitement with every piece.

McBride’s crowds paintings are designed to act as triggers to the viewer’s own imagination, often resulting in lively discussions about the narrative content and events portrayed in the paintings.

McBride is continuing to consolidate his participation in high profile benefit shows and increase the exposure of his work in prestigious new markets.

For more information email Neil directly or phone 07548832717

December 2022