50th order today August 12, 2019 21:12

50th order today!

Paintings all ready for the Great North Art Show in Ripon August 11, 2019 06:39

It has been a difficult task this year to select from my eclectic mix of paintings because the selection committee took a shine to my York Minster Yard painting which has a strong colour palette of terracotta. The painting is 90% rooftops and 10% people so it is quite an unusual piece for me to produce.

I decided to contrast this warm townscape piece with cold coloured landscape of the North York Moors which also has very few people featured.

A further contrast piles in with a collection of my crowds of people paintings on stark white backgrounds to lighten the mood.

I hope you can make the journey to Ripon Cathedral. The show opens with a ticketed PV on 30 August 2019 then continues daily with free entry until 22 September.

Quirky artists April 1, 2019 11:22

One of my followers referred to me as a quirky artist which I found surprising and flattering. I have always seen myself to be quite boringly normal. 

I maybe have some quirky traits like obsessive behaviour. Currently this obsession is focussed on working on my website to reach a wider audience. This involves writing lots of keywords and such to get more hits via Google searches. Very time consuming and laborious but also very satisfying when I see more visitors reaching my website through the power of words.

I  feel I have done enough of that for now so I shall get obsessed with painting again (partly because I have sold two more paintings and need to supply the gallery again).

The difficulty is getting into the creative habit again. Quirky obsessions don't just happen; you really have to work at it. Here is a link to a website that can elaborate for you:-

Have fun!

Popular artist March 30, 2019 10:07

My sister says I am a popular artist. Do you think she may be biased?

How do you see me (or my work) as an artist?

2 or 3 words will do thanks.

Green art prints March 21, 2019 07:51

It is easy to search for art prints by colour on this web site. Just go to the top of the page and use the search bar. It is that easy. 

Some art prints are more green than others.

Of course all prints with green in them will appear but it does help to narrow your selection down. 

Happy browsing.

How long does it take to do a painting. March 17, 2019 22:29

Customers often ask me how long it takes to do a painting. My usual glib answer that gets some strange looks is "Oh, about 60 years".

OK, that may sound a little too flippant and arrogant but it is pretty near the truth.

When I was a practicing graphic designer most projects were rigorously charged by the hour which made costings easy but made little business sense (like the time I designed a drinks coaster for a client for a few pounds before the client decided to use the logo created for his entire branding).

So, how long does it take to create a painting? A few minutes; a few hours; days or years?

The answer is all of the above.

Sometimes the concept for a painting comes in a flash but takes ages to bring to fruition; if it actually makes out of the studio at all. And other times ideas develop for one painting whilst actually working on another.

The truth is I don't log my time spent on paintings because it is not important. I am on a journey of discovery without a map or a time restraint (until I keel over).

I think the reason why collectors like my paintings is that they act as triggers to their own imaginations as much as my imagination triggered the idea for the painting in the first place. 

As fresh as a cow pat in a summer meadow.

See, I have already triggered your imagination to that delightful event. There's a thought to conjure with.

Now where did I leave my brush?

How to buy art online in the UK March 17, 2019 07:05

Deciding what art to buy for your home or office is a personal thing. So let's get personal.

Trying to buy art online in the UK just got easier!

Simply connect with an artist directly. Start locally and work outwards from there. You can obviously buy your art online without ever meeting an artist but it can add to the fun if you do.

Most artists love it when someone contacts them if only to get some direct feedback from those people who love their art.

So get your digits searching and start from closer to home and reach out to your local artists. If you live in Yorkshire here is a link to get you started.

That's the way to do it. Honest.

Blue art prints are the new black March 13, 2019 16:20

To be included in this collection of blue art prints each artwork had to contain a large percentage of the blue colour spectrum.

Blue taps into our love of nature; well we do live on the blue planet! Blue art prints - especially deep blue ones like this Byland Abbey one - are a great way to accessorise predominantly white room settings. Opting for dark blue and white colour schemes offer a stylish alternative to black or grey and white schemes.

We hope this collection of blue art prints triggers some ideas for your decorative ambitions.

My aluminium prints are selling all over the UK March 13, 2019 14:55

No matter how many prints I sell it always gives me a real buzz when UK art collectors send me photos of my aluminium prints displayed in their homes.

Thanks go to Emma from London UK for buying these two aluminium prints. Gorge is pictured on the left and Creation on the right.

Grey on grey. Great!

Fine art printing March 8, 2019 04:51

When you buy our Open Edition Art Prints on paper you can choose from eight types of fine art papers which give a different look to your print.

Here is some added information to help you make an informed choice of paper to suit your selected image. There are no rules, just trust your instincts!

Dog Training inspired by Church Field Haxby, York September 20, 2018 10:35

After the Rally on a wood print September 19, 2018 22:29

New art prints now available from only £22 September 19, 2018 22:28

Let's start by personalising your iPhone or Galaxy smartphone.

OK, some of you may feel that tech tagging is tacky but bear with me.

36 of my images are now available for personalised printing onto a durable cover for your phone and I will be adding more in the coming weeks. 

If you don't see your favourite McBride image just let me know and I will add it to the range (subject to suitability of the image).

Some purists out there think that reproduction of art on mass media products is a bit tacky and de-values the original art but the reverse is true. We see prints of the Mona Lisa and Hockney's Splash all over the place but would love to own the originals.

I rest my (phone) case. Groan.

Vitality show at Blue Tree Gallery, York August 7, 2018 07:15

Vitality show at Blue Tree Gallery, York

Another original painting leaps off the page into the home of a collector in Nottingham October 7, 2016 22:39

Discover your ideal gift on this comprehensive artist owned website.

New original painting added today September 1, 2016 11:49

Just added another original painting to my website. This painting is only available here and is ideal for a modern monochrome interior.

Sale success July 8, 2016 12:18

Only eight days in and I have had a great response to my Sale.

Thanks so much to everyone who has responded.

Francis Bacon at Tate Liverpool June 7, 2016 05:06

Saw the Francis Bacon show at Tate Liverpool yesterday. Very inspiring to see so many of Bacon's paintings together.

Also saw a Franz Kline painting for the first time since 1970. Brill.

New original paintings exclusive to this site have been added. April 25, 2016 11:24

It has been a very busy time keeping up with the demand for my work since January so I have had little time to add new work to my web site.

I have been desperately trying to hold work back from shows and galleries to offer work direct to you, my collectors so here goes.

There are two new paintings for starters and hopefully more to follow soon.

The first one is Parade in York which is a real tour de force of colour.

From the same stable is Gay Parade. All will be revealed on the page so to speak. I hope you like them and welcome any comments of course.

New weather related Art Prints added March 9, 2016 15:48

A thought came to me as suddenly as the outdoor toilet door bursting open in a gale. (notice how polite I am being here). 

When I first put my new site together at the back end of last year I only added some of the 70 plus Art Print titles that I have published. I thought it was about time I added some of the missing ones. So take a look at Blustery Day and A Sudden Gust of Wind for starters. You will be blown away...


Art lovers love a bargain. Fact. February 9, 2016 18:58

I decided to test the market with a whopping 40% off all purchases on my site on the run up to Valentines Day and discovered that many of you art lovers really do love a bargain. Particularly the collector from Harrogate who bought my Fryup Dale original painting.

I am not sure that I will be making a habit of being so generous considering I do have the physique of a true Yorkshireman after all; short arms and deep pockets.

Any road up. Thanks to everyone who took advantage of my offer and I look forward to sharing some new work with you soon.

40% OFF everything for Valentines January 21, 2016 15:52 2 Comments

We're together!

I'm feeling the love and to celebrate I am offering 40% off all of the artworks in my store until 8 February 2016.

Get into your partner's good books and place your order now!

Simply enter the code Valentines 16 at the checkout to receive your discount.

Love, love, love.....

Priory Arts show was a great success. January 18, 2016 16:53

There was a good attendance at the Priory Arts show and I had some good sales.

Time to crack on with my commissions from Sutcliffe Gallery in Harrogate and Leaping Hare gallery in Easingwold.


Busy, busy...

Now showing at Priory Arts January 16, 2016 11:11

For this weekend only. 16 and 17 January 2016. Open 10am to 4pm.

The Priory Arts Exhibition is this weekend!

From Friday until Sunday, 10am - 4pm each day, come down to Priory Cottages & Wedding Venue and see 18 inspirational artists work exhibited in the lovely surroundings. There's also a coffee shop for a drink and slice of cake!

Here are some of my paintings which will be on show.