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Neil McBride Art

Shipwreck - Original semi abstract painting.

Shipwreck - Original semi abstract painting.

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You can always find someone worse off than yourself.

As this scene of devastation portrays.

This semi abstract depiction of a shipwreck looks like a scene of total destruction.

The hulk of the ship is barely visible behind the jagged black rocks. The mast is on the verge of collapse and it looks like all hope of survival is lost.

This is really a picture of positivity.

Take a close look in the bottom right corner and you will see three survivors of this tragic accident. For them, this is a picture of hope and survival against all the odds.

For them, life goes on as they live and breathe. As most survivors of adversity will testify, where there is life, there is a life worth living.

Maybe a dash of dark and gloomy art is just what is needed to help you put things into perspective, create a safe haven for yourself and harness the power of nature to your own ends.

The fact that you have read this far means you are ready to make a difference to your own life and maybe make a difference in the world at large.

Do yourself a favour and explore the possibilities today!

Painting measures 91 x 91 x 3.5cm and is usually supplied unframed and ready to hang.

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