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Birging - Canvas Print

Birging - Canvas Print

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Birging is an acronym for Basking In Reflected Glory. These canvas prints are an affordable way for you to get a piece of the action.

We all love a success story particularly if it is our own. The next best thing is to Bask In the Reflected Glory of people we love and admire. BIRGING!

In the original painting some of the people in the crowd have touches of shiny metallic colours on their clothing.

Maybe some of the reflected glory is rubbing off. We hope!

Choose from 8 sizes of canvas prints up to 40 inches square

Your chosen size of artwork is brought to life with the texture and depth of a stretched canvas print. The 'mirrored' image canvas looks great because the image is printed all the way around the edges.

Your canvas print will be delivered to you "ready to hang" with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails.

Made in Britain

Hi Neil, Hope you are well! We just wanted to thank you so much for coming over, it was great to meet you.  We are just sat enjoying a glass of wine and looking at your art, it's really wonderful and has really caught our imagination! Cheers!
David T, Harrogate

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