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Dog Park - Metal Print

Dog Park - Metal Print

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Dog Park art on metal prints.   

We all love our dogs and if you are an art lover too it can be a tough challenge when your mutt likes to shake mud all over the place after a wet and muddy walk.

Well here is the solution because our metal prints are hard, shiny and water resistant so any stray splats can be easily cleaned off after Fido has decided to shake dry in the house.

Why do dogs shake dry inside when there is all that space outside?

Anyway, these Dog Park prints were originally painted on pristine white backgrounds for pure style and now they can be safely displayed in your home for pure enjoyment even in the company of muddy mutts.

Choose from 6 sizes up to 40 inches wide.

Your chosen size then gets printed directly onto a sheet of 1/16" thick aluminium sheet which is offset from the wall by a 3/4" thick frame hidden on the back. This creates a subtle shadow on the wall which is pure genius in its simplicity.

A bit like my dog.

Printed in the UK

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