Eve - Large original abstract art for sale


This is the story of Eve who morphed into a large abstract art piece.

Eve started life as a little girl who was not living up to expectations as a piece of figurative art.

The only solution was to develop the painting as an abstract art piece. The painting was no longer a portrait of Eve; it became the abstracted essence of Eve in a contemporary context.

This is a depiction of Eve as a vital, energetic and fecund entity which simply oozes life and naughtiness.

Eve is a large abstract painting on canvas full of lively colour, texture, depth and gloss.

Eve is a heavily textured acrylic painting made up of layer upon layer of luscious rich colour.

Eve is a larger than life abstract painted on a gallery box canvas 90 x 90cm x 4cm and is ready to hang.

Eve is the ideal decoration for any home or office to help create an invigorating, lively impression.

And she is for sale direct from the artist.

This is the kind of painting which will endure and mature no matter how times may change.

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