Mam Tor original painting on canvas


The wavering edge to the dark black chasm of Mam Tor (Shivering Mountain) is said to shiver as loose gritstone falls away after heavy rain.

I first visited The Shivering Mountain near Castleton in Derbyshire as a boy and my fear of heights at the time meant that I never did make the climb. (my fears were not unfounded as a huge section of the former A625 main road from Stockport to Sheffield was swept away in 1974).

That initial fear of falling over the edge has stayed locked in my memory all of these years and this artwork is testament to that".

NB: A hike I took up Striding Edge on Helvellyn in the 1970's proved to be the perfect cure for my Acrophobia.

Shivering Mountain original painting on canvas

Painting size: 61 x 61 x 4cm

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