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Neil McBride Art

Racing - original painting

Racing - original painting

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Racing - a small original painting with big pedigree

This small painting is part of a body of work from Yorkshire's premier painter of crowds.

Neil McBride has a well deserved place among the contemporary artists living and working in god's own country of Yorkshire.

The painting is very small but perfectly formed in the eyes of art collectors who appreciate the subtleties of paintings which are created to give an essence of an event rather than illustration of it.

Upon first sight this painting appears to be nothing more than an abstract painting made up of ill considered and random marks but closer inspection reveals a carefully orchestrated painting to trigger your imagination.

Furthermore, the painting is deeply textured due to the painstaking way that McBride has worked and reworked the surface until he has reached a satisfactory conclusion to his efforts.

In art it is the illusion of detail created by the pact between the artist and the viewer which elevates all art to a higher plane. No further explanation is needed because you just know it works.


Racing is an original Acrylic painting 
Presented in a black wooden frame surrounding a white acid-free mount behind glass.

Painting size: 16 x 11.5cms
Frame size: 32.5 x 28cms

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