Art for offices

Buying art for offices is no mean feat when there are so many people to please. 

If you are buying for the reception area you can easily buy paintings that reflect the company's brand or mission statement.

Most business reception areas are high traffic areas where people may only have a few seconds to take in the artwork so something bright, colourful and abstract can work really well.

Other reception areas act as holding areas for visitors so they will have more time to absorb more detailed and perhaps more restful artworks of subdued colours.

Paintings and prints with crowds of people in them can be particularly effective for companies that deal with people rather than products. Crowds of people involved in dynamic activities can reflect the energy of the company.

You can't please everybody.

I recently saw an art print on the wall at an exit from a crematorium by an artist I new back in the day called Roger Murry. It was a print of a fleet of boats in a harbour with obvious connotations of the final journey, of sailing off into the sunset. Someone's idea of a subtle joke perhaps. It certainly lifted my mood on such a sad occasion.

Like I said, you can't please every body but you can have fun trying!

Take at look at the art collection below for inspiration.

You can choose from original paintings, prints on canvas, prints on metal, prints on wood and paper.

You can search the Shop above to narrow your search down or use the Search facility to find something specific.

You may be surprised to learn that this art collection is the work of one artist who has been pleasing art buyers for many years so you are highly likely to find something to suit you.

I hope you enjoy your visit.