Local Yorkshire artists

Neil McBride is one of many Yorkshire born artists still actively working in the local area.

McBride is still inspired by the local Yorkshire landscape and the characterful Yorkshire people but his outlook is much broader than that.

Based in North Yorkshire, McBride is visual artist and maker of original contemporary paintings and prints for sale in the whole of the UK and beyond.

"I have experimented with different styles over the years. Many of the original paintings on this website are either seminal paintings which I have held on to as reference points or they are paintings which have remained in my studio because they did not form part of a larger body of work and were therefore never suitable for a solo exhibition".

In the online Shop you will find a large Collection of affordable Open Edition Art Prints  on various materials from paper to metal and featuring expressive landscapes, colourful coastal scenes and intriguing crowd scenes full of interesting people. Plus a small selection of Original Paintings.

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